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Carpet Cleaners Middlesbrough

Carpet Cleaners Middlesbrough

Prolong The Life Of Your Carpets
When your beautiful new carpet was fitted it was just that – a fresh, clean new carpet.

As spillages happen and amateur cleaning attempts are made with kitchen sink type products your carpet gets a new coating, SOAP! This is what you leave behind when spot cleaning and it is initially invisible but soon attracts dust and soil and eventually turns into an unsightly dark grey / black stain. Then you wonder where that stain came from!?! And that one and that one….

Then you may ask a friend to borrow or even pay to hire a carpet cleaning machine to sort the problem. Your carpet is now going to be left even SOAPIER than before! These machines use an in tank detergent which is a one stage clean and means that the detergent loaded water is also used to rinse the carpet as it cleans. They also have a very weak rinsing AND vacuum system which leaves more residues in the carpet than it is able to suck out. So now you have a WET, SOAPY carpet which could take days to dry. When your carpet is finally it will now get dirty much, much quicker than ever before!!!

It is not only the shop bought or hired machines that create these soil attracting problems:

Most “Professional “ budget carpet cleaning firms actually use the very same method though with a slightly bigger slightly more powerful machine – it does a quicker job but yields the same result – your carpet will be left with detergent (SOAPY) residue and WILL resoil very quickly.

The Solution

I prefer a different COMMERCIAL powered system which rinses out our soap free cleaning fluids with JUST FRESH HOT WATER.

After a thorough dry vacuum I then pre-spray your carpet with the appropriate safe DETERGENT FREE cleaning fluid which is then mechanically brushed in to ensure that it touches all carpet fibres, to clean all carpet fibres, it also lifts the pile as a bonus. It is then left to dwell whilst the pipes and cleaning wand are setup and brought inside. In the meantime the cleaning fluid has had enough time to do its job breaking down the dirt and stains. Next stage is to rinse out the cleaning fluid which brings with it ALL of the dirt. This is achieved using powerful commercial quality petrol driven van mounted system (THE PROWLER) which heats its own fresh water and thoroughly rinses all residues at high pressure. All the dirt AND cleaning fluid is then instantly recovered back to the van outside using an industrial reverse blower which truly sucks and lifts like no other “vacuum” is capable.

This high pressure, hot water, high vacuum system is perfectly safe for ALL everyday carpet types and is the ONLY WAY to truly deep clean your carpet.

Summary of important points:

  • High detergent splash and dash machines / operators are doing your home NO FAVOURS
  • Soapy cleaning fluids which are left in a carpet are sticky and WILL attract dirt.
  • Detergent free cleaning fluids do NOT contain ANY sticky soil attracting ingredients.
  • Detergent free cleaning fluids that are fresh water rinsed = A PURE CLEAN CARPET.
  • MY GUARANTEE: With my experience and fresh water system I will leave your carpets far cleaner far longer!

I WILL save you time & money, NO over frequent cleaning

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Carpet Cleaners Middlesbrough


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